Facial Recognition Technology Wrongly Identified People as Potential Criminals 96% of Time

Facial recognition technology has misidentified members of the public as potential criminals in 96 percent of scans so far in London.

Critics say the use of facial recognition is violating human rights and a waste of money, while the Metropolitan Police say it will help them better control society.

Eight trials carried out through 2016 and 2018 resulted in a 96 percent false positive rate, where the software wrongly alerted police that a person being scanned matched a photo in their database.

Last year, two deployments in particular saw a 100 percent failure rate and monitors reported a 14-year-old boy was detained and fingerprinted after being misidentified by the technology.

In several tests of the dystopian technology, cops stopped people for covering their faces and wearing hoods. One man was fined by cops for a public order offense after refusing to be scanned.



Photo: “Watching you” by CGP Grey is licensed under CC BY 2.0