Activists Chain Themselves to Durham Jail to Protest Cash Bail Policy

Two organizers for the advocacy group Southerners On New Ground chained themselves to a gate around 12:30 p.m on Thursday at the Durham County jail in North Carolina.

Serena Sebring and Kyla Hartfield chained themselves to a gate that the jail uses to bring people inside. A member of the group, said the action is to bring attention to the cash bail system and to protest Durham’s bail policy.

20 others stood with them, at times chanting, sometimes holding an umbrella over the two women chained to the gate.

Both Activists were arrested and have been released earlier today.

For several years around Mother’s Day, Southerners On New Ground has raised money in order to pay the bail of mothers locked in jail.


On March 1, a new bail policy was enacted that establishes guidelines when considering whether someone should be held in jail or released before trial. Southerners on New Ground and other rights groups say it doesn’t go far enough and they are demanding an end to cash bail.

North Carolina State law does not allow judges to eliminate cash bonds.



Image: adapted from screenshot