San Jose Homeless Encampment Destroyed Without Short-Term Housing Offer

A homeless encampment in San Jose, California was destroyed by Union Pacific this week without any arrangements for the more than 50 desperate people who had found some meager shelter there.

The camp had existed around the Union Pacific train tracks for about two years.

The camp received notice from Union Pacific last week, but residents, city and county officials confirmed the people living there did not receive outreach that typically accompanies the destruction of a homeless encampment in the city.

The city’s Homelessness Response Team was not sent to assist the people living there with appropriate short-term housing because the encampment is not located on city property.

A spokesman for Union Pacific, said the camp was destroyed because of trespassing concerns on private railroad property.

Of the nearly 60 people who once lived at the camp, only two people have been able to secure housing.



Photo: “union pacific” by el-toro is licensed under CC BY 2.0