Amazon Is Destroying Millions of Unsold Goods, Including Books, TVs and Toys

A french journalist went undercover at an Amazon warehouse and found that Amazon warehouses destroy unsold items, possibly millions of items. Some of these unused items are worth hundreds of dollars.

The reporter filmed a designated destruction zone. Items trashed in front of the journalist included toys, books, and a flatscreen TV. Video inside the Amazon warehouse from an undercover reporter has since been removed from Youtube.

The report said the practice is widespread in French Amazon warehouses. One of Amazon’s smallest warehouses in the country sent almost 300,000 items to the scrap heap in just nine months. Documents obtained for the report showed that more than three million products were destroyed in France last year.

Other investigations into Amazon have revealed the practice in other countries.



“King of the Trash Hill” by Alan Levine is licensed under CC BY 2.0