Chelsea Manning Says Trump ‘Clearly Wants to Go After Journalists’

Chelsea Manning warned that the US government “clearly wants to go after journalists” and predicted the Justice Department will indict and charge reporters covering national security issues.

“I think that ultimately what they really want is they want to go after journalists,” Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst and courageous whistleblower, said on CNN Sunday.

“This administration clearly wants to go after journalists,” Manning said Sunday. “I think that if the administration gets its way as it’s laid out in repeated statements — like, ‘the media is the enemy of the people’ kind of thing — you know, then I think that we’re going to see the national security journalists and a lot of disruptive, for this administration, press — we’re probably going to see indictments and charges.”

She continued, “Whenever a journalist makes a misstep, I think that they are put on notice now that the FBI and the Department of Justice are going to go after them on administration’s behalf.”

Manning was just released from jail, following a contempt charge for her refusal to testify before a grand jury. After she was released, she was subpoenaed again and says she will again refuse to answer questions. Manning faces more potential jail time.



Image adapted from: “press freedom” by Felipe Tofani is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0