Richest Americans Live 10-15 Years Longer Than the Poorest Americans

In the United States today, the richest American men live 15 years longer than the poorest men, while the richest women outlive the poorest women by 10 years.

A report, from the Health Inequality Project, showed that from 2001-2014 the richest Americans gained three years in life expectancy, while the poorest Americans experienced no improvement.

The richest American males gained six years in life expectancy from 1980 to 2010, while outcomes for the poorest men remained stagnant.

This life gap is only getting wider. With advancements in genetics, the gap along class divisions may yield not only a growing divide in longevity, but an increasingly divergent species.



Image adapted from: “Hackney Road Street Art” by Ungry Young Man is licensed under CC BY 2.0