US Police Illegally Evict Venezuelan Embassy Protectors

Police forces broke into the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C. and arrested the four remaining members of the Embassy Protection Collective on Thursday.

“We denounce these arrests, as the people inside were there with our permission, and we consider it a violation of the Vienna Conventions,” Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Ron said.

For 36 days, the protectors lived in the embassy to shield it from a raid by US authorities. Since US officers and Guaidó supporters refused to allow food into the embassy, only four of the protectors remained in order to conserve their limited supplies.

The US government has been engineering an unlawful coup and trying to overthrow the Venezuelan government. After US corporate puppet, Juan Guaidó, declared himself “interim president” of Venezuela, Trump officials quickly showed support for his declaration.

The US government seeks to illegally install a new ambassador in the D.C. embassy as part of its coup attempt.

After cutting off electricity and refusing to allow food and water to the protectors in the embassy, agents from the Secret Service, State Department and Washington, D.C. police tried to raid the embassy on May 13. They were told they would need a warrant and law enforcement authorities left the premises.

On May 16th, officers came back with a warrant and used a battering ram to break through the embassy door and arrested the four protectors. They spent the night in jail and were released on the 17th. The four protectors await their next hearing on June 12th.



Image from Facebook