Sheriff Lied to FBI About Jailing Innocent Man Filming From His Front Yard

A South Carolina sheriff and two deputies were angered by a man filming them. The officers attacked the man, arrested him and jailed him for three days, lied and created a fake police report, stole his phone and tried to destroy it and lied to the FBI about it, according to federal indictments.

The Sheriff Alex Underwood, Chief Deputy Robert Sprouse, and Lt. Johnny Neal Jr. were all charged with several counts, ranging from civil rights violations to lying to investigators.

The falsely arrested man that filmed the cops is only identified by his initials in court papers. He had been filming the aftermath of a car wreck from his front yard in November.

Sheriff Underwood told the man to go back to his porch, the man refused and kept recording. The sheriff then ordered the man to his porch again, attacked him, demanded his phone and then illegally arrested him.

Underwood and his deputies kept the man illegally imprisoned for three days without a reason. They illegally entered his home, then lied about a missing police radio to get a warrant to get inside his house and had a deputy call the man’s phone number so they could locate his cellphone.

The deputies then falsified police reports, which they gave to the FBI. In the reports, they lied about the man stepping out of his yard into the road, according to the indictments.

Sheriff Underwood wanted to destroy the phone even though the video was live streamed to Facebook and the sheriff lied about not seeing the footage for a week when he viewed it within hours of the incident, according to the indictment.



Image from Facebook