Baltimore City Government Shut Down by Ransomware

Hackers demanding a 13 bitcoin (around $100,000)  ransom have disabled Baltimore City agencies computer systems with ransomware, and many systems are still locked down despite weeks of efforts by technicians.

Baltimore Mayor Bernard Young has said the city will not to pay a ransom to hackers even though the ransomware continues to lock up a good portion of the city’s computers.

Police emails are down, and real estate transactions are not functioning.

The Baltimore city agency computer systems that are locked down by the hack, include:

  1.   Baltimore Police Department
  2.   The Board of Elections
  3.   Department of Finance
  4.   Department of Public Works
  5.   Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office
  6.   Archives and Records Management
  7.   Office of Sustainability
  8.   Department of Transportation
  9.   Board of Municipal and Zoning Appeals
  10. Baltimore Development Corporation

The ransomware first appeared on Baltimore City systems on May 6th.



Image: “Bitcoin Hacker” by Free Images is licensed under CC BY 2.0