Protests Continue in Sudan as Figurehead Is Replaced by Military Dictatorship

Sudan’s military rulers and protest leaders have resumed talks over a new governing body meant to replace the generals who took power after protests forced longtime ruler Omar al-Bashir out of office.

The resumption of talks on Sunday comes after pressure from protesters demanding the military dictatorship that took over the country after Bashir be removed from office.

The talks were suspended shortly after government forces opened fire on protesters last Monday, May 13, killing six and injuring 200 more. Scores of protesters have been killed since the protests against Bashir began in December, and protesters are demanding justice and accountability for these crimes.

Roadblocks built by demonstrators were paralysing large parts of the capital and further pressured generals during negotiations. However, military rulers suspended the last round of talks and demanded the barriers be removed.

Demonstrators took the roadblocks down, but warned they will put them back if the army fails to hand over power to a civilian administration.



Image adapted from: “Sudan in revolt” by Jeanne Menjoulet is licensed under CC BY 2.0