San Francisco, Attack on Press Freedom

San Francisco cops raided the home of journalist, Bryan Carmody. He was handcuffed for six hours as cops seized his confidential work materials, along with tens of thousands of dollars of his equipment.

Cops wanted to know who had leaked a police report to him about the death of the San Francisco public defender, Jeff Adachi.

Weeks earlier, Carmody had refused to reveal his source to the department’s internal affairs division.

The San Francisco raid was a stunning intrusion on press freedom. Legal experts believe it is also a violation of the California shield law. The shield law protects journalists from being forced to reveal confidential sources.

The attorney for Bryan Carmody argues that “the free flow of information to the public is jeopardized” when government interferes with journalists reporting and gathering the news. On Tuesday, lawyers for the Police Department said in court that the police will return Carmody’s property.



Image adapted from: “Paris, Marais, 2013” by Ithmus is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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  1. Seems a pretty terrible world according to this website. Unfortunately I have no reason to doubt that assumption. Man was born free and is everywhere in chains

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