“We Will Not Be Complicit” Italian Unions Refuse to Load Saudi Ship Carrying Weapons to Yemen

“We will not be complicit in what is happening in Yemen,” declared union leaders.

On Monday, in protest against the western proxy powers behind the slaughter in Yemen, Italian union workers refused to load cargo onto a Saudi weapons cargo ship.

Human rights advocates say the weapons on board the ship violate a UN Treaty, as there is a significant risk the weapons will be used against civilians. The UN has said that Saudi Arabia may have committed war crimes in the Yemen conflict. If so, then these arms transfers are illegal.

Unions in Genoa, Italy had attempted to prevent the boat from docking in the first place. Despite their efforts however, the ship was able to dock, but was met by protesters.

Earlier this month, the same Saudi cargo ship was blocked from collecting weapons in the French port of Le Havre by protesters. The arms were eventually loaded in Antwerp, Belgium.

In spite of the secrecy masking the extent of western powers involvement in the Yemen war. Weapons from the US, UK, Finland, Belgium, France, and others have reportedly been used in the horrific human rights disaster in Yemen.



Photo: “il porto” by RealCarlo is licensed under CC BY 2.0