Here’s a List of Some of the Thousands of Stores Closing This Year

Store closures have rocked the retail industry over the past couple of years and retail is expected to continue being gutted in 2019.

Companies closed a record 102 million square feet of store space in 2017, and then in 2018 closed another 155 million square feet. Retailers have announced thousands of store closures so far in 2019.

Here’s are some of those store closures:

Payless Shoes: 2,500 stores

Payless filed for bankruptcy in February and said it planned to close all of its 2,500 stores.

Gymboree: 805 stores

Gymboree filed for bankruptcy in January and said it planned to close more than 800 stores.
Gymboree previously filed for bankruptcy in 2017 and closed nearly 400 stores.

Dress Barn: 650 stores

Dress Barn announced in May that it was closing all of its 650 stores.

Charlotte Russe: 520 stores

Charlotte Russe filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In March, the company announced that it would liquidate all of its remaining stores.

Family Dollar: 390 stores

Dollar Tree said it plans to convert 200 Family Dollar stores into Dollar Tree stores, and will close an additional 390 stores.

Shopko: 371 stores

Shopko declared bankruptcy in January and announced its plan to close 251 stores. In March the company announced that it would liquidate all of its remaining stores.

Fred’s: 263 stores

Fred’s announced in April that it would close more than 150 stores by the end of May. Then in May the company announced it would close another 104 stores.

Chico’s: 250 stores

Chico’s announced it would close 100 Chico’s stores, 90 White House Black Market stores, and 60 Soma stores.

Gap: 230 stores

Gap said it would close 230 stores over the next two years.

LifeWay: 170 stores

LifeWay said in March that it planned to close all 170 of its stores.

Performance Bicycle: 102 stores

Performance Bicycle’s filed for bankruptcy protection in November and announced the closure of all 102 stores.

Sears: 70 stores

Sears Holdings announced the closing of 70 of its stores.



Photo: “Abandoned Walmart (East Windsor, Connecticut)” by JJBers is licensed under CC BY 2.0