Millions May Not Have Power On Windy Days In California

Nearly 16 million people in California are depend on gas and electric power provided by PG&E. California’s biggest utility plans to cut power on windy days during the wildfire season this year, potentially plunging millions of people into blackouts.

The plan by PG&E comes after the bankrupt company said one of its transmission lines snapped in windy weather, probably the cause of starting the deadliest wildfire in California’s history.

The blackout plan is creating a massive problem for Californians who fear it could leave them without power for days. Wealthier residents are turning to other power sources, but most cannot afford the alternatives.

The wildfire season usually starts around June and runs through December.

PG&E has warned the city of Calistoga that it could cut power as many as 15 times this fire season. The company said the number of times they cut power is dependant on how extreme the weather is.



Photo: “Power” by Peter Kaminski is licensed under CC BY 2.0