North Korea Struggling With Worst Drought in a Century

North Korean people have already been facing extreme food shortages, malnutrition and hunger. Now the country is experiencing its worst drought in a century, according N. Korean state media.

The government says its lakes and reservoirs are drying up as the country received only 56.3mm of rain this year, the lowest level of rainfall since 1917.

The Rodong Sinmun newspaper reported that water was running out in the country’s lakes and reservoirs. “The ongoing drought is causing a significant effect on the cultivation of wheat, barley, corn, potatoes and beans,” according to the report.

In recent estimates, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation and World Food Program said more than 10 million people or 40 percent of the population are already suffering from severe food shortages.



Photo: “the fallen” by spinster cardigan is licensed under CC BY 2.0