Sharp Increase in Criminalizing Kindness to Asylum Seekers

Hundreds of Europeans have been arrested and investigated for demonstrating human kindness and “solidarity” with refugees and asylum seekers over the past five years, with cases rising sharply over the last 18 months.

A new database reveals 250 people across Europe have been arrested or criminalized in other ways for providing food, shelter and transport among other “basic acts of human kindness” to asylum seekers.

The number of cases increased dramatically last year, with more than 100 cases recorded, twice as many as in 2017. The majority of the cases in 2018 were for providing food, transport or other support to refugees.

The research shows people have been arrested, investigated, or threatened with prison or fines across 14 countries in Europe since 2015. The majority occurred in Italy, Greece, France, the UK, Spain, Germany and Denmark.



Image adapted from: “Refugees welcome” by Matt Brown is licensed under CC BY 2.0