US Govt Ratcheting Up Economic War Against Venezuela

The US government is preparing the next phase of its economic war against Venezuela with sanctions and criminal charges.

These actions are expected to be taken within the next few months as part of the Trump administration’s push to destabilize Venezuela.

Sanctions against Venezuela have already led to a humanitarian crisis in the country, leaving millions of people suffering from food and medicine shortages.

Multiple US government agencies, including the National Security Council, the Treasury, and the State and Justice Departments are involved in the multipronged effort against Venezuela.

The US and several European and Latin American countries, along with the oil industry have supported the attempted coup to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro and have worked to install a puppet government run by Juan Guaidó.

The Maduro government has continued to retain popular support and control of state functions.



Image adapted from: “War is Money” by Robert F. W. Whitlock is licensed under CC BY 2.0