High School Students Work Together Against Stronger, More Heavily Armed Opponents

Cops say an attempt to detain a student turned into a larger struggle, as other students joined forces and worked together to try and free the fellow student.

The incident at Bear Creek High School in Stockton, California happened a little before 11am on Friday.

The cops tried to take a student into custody against his will. As he struggled with the cops a crowd of other students gathered at the scene.

Some of the other students tried to pull the cops off the student, others threw trash on the cops.

Backup was called and more cops showed up and students continued to resist, a few hit the cops, but the cops were able to eventually take the original student into custody. The school was locked down due to the incident.

Stockton police say the original unruly student has been cited for resisting arrest, but it’s unclear if anyone else is facing charges.



Photo: “Gulliver’s Travels” by David Bergin is licensed under CC BY 2.0