Cops Get Soaked Trying to Stop Water Gun Fight

In Atlanta, a community event called #GunsDownWaterGunsUp was held over the weekend. The goal of the event is to bring communities together and to bring attention to gun violence, while enjoying the summer heat with friendly water gun play.

As temperatures in Atlanta soared, the event drew massive numbers of people who were enjoying the day.

Atlanta Police tried to put a stop to the fun. Videos on social media showed cops getting drenched by water guns and buckets.

One cop was caught outside of his car and was quickly soaked as he ran back to the squad car, teens surrounded the car and held the door open. The crowd laughed and the cop angrily stepped out of his car only to be soaked more.

The Atlanta Police Department confirmed it responded to the event on Saturday around 4:25 p.m. The department said they responded to assist with crowd control.

The hashtag movement has spread to several cities in Georgia. Footage of Atlanta’s water fight went viral, showing young people surrounding the cop car and soaking the cops with water guns.

Over the next week, the movement is expected to branch out to many more locations.



Photo from: Facebook