Massive New Government Database Includes Face Recognition, DNA, Tattoos and Relationship Patterns

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is building a massive new database containing biometric and biographic data on people in the US.  

Northrop Grumman got a $95 million contract from DHS to develop the first stages of the system.

The new database is called the Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART). It will include face and voice recognition, DNA, scars and tattoos. The database will also include standard biographic information, like name, birthdate, physical descriptions, country of origin, and government identification information.

HART can be used to identify relationship patterns, political activities and religious affiliations, and will serve as a centralized repository for information gathered by police. The data will make it possible to identify and track people in real time.

The database will be available across US federal agencies and state and local law enforcement.

DHS already collects a massive amount of data. DHS-managed databases handle over 10 billion biographic records and every week, they add another 10 to 15 million more.



Photo: “OTB Salinas040” by Office of Public Affairs is licensed under CC BY 2.0