Huge Cruise Ship Blocked by Activists in Small Boats

A cruise ship was blocked from leaving a German port by activists on Sunday. The activists wanted to draw attention to the consequences of cruise ships.

Activists used small boats to trap the cruise ship, Zuiderdam. They occupied a crane and flew a large banner from it that translates to, “Cruises kill climate.”

The group, Smash Cruiseshit released a statement about their reasons for blocking the ship in the port in Kiel, Germany. Smash Cruiseshit wants to make travelers aware of the “catastrophic local and global consequences of cruises” and the “exploitative working conditions” on cruise ships.

Police and special forces were brought in to clear the activists and the Zuiderdam was eventually able to leave the port. The ship is operated by the British-American cruise company Holland America Line.

A single cruise ship can emit as much pollution as 1 million cars. The ships use seawater systems to clean dirty fuel and then flush the pollution back into the oceans

Smash Cruiseshit stated, “Refugees drown in the Mediterranean, but for tourists who sun themselves by the pool, ships and money are there. This condition is unacceptable, so it’s time to lend a hand.”



Photo: “Untitled” by Randal Schwartz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0