Hong Kong: Second Wave of Mass Protests, Strikes, Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets

Police in riot gear attacked crowds of people protesting, in the second mass demonstration in recent days against a new bill to allow extradition of Hong Kong residents to China.

Riot police attacked t-shirt clad protesters in front of government buildings using batons, pepper spray, shooting rubber bullets and blasting them with high powered water canons, bean bags and tear gas canisters. At least seventy-two people were injured, including two men who were in critical condition.

Workers at hundreds of business went on strike in opposition to the extradition bill.

Opponents say it will infringe on the legal and human rights of Hong Kong residents and Hong Kong’s independence and will be used to target political opponents of the Chinese government in Hong Kong.

Earlier in the day, Hong Kong’s Legislative Council announced they would postpone debate, but the bill is expected to pass on June 20.

Despite continued attempts by police to disperse them, protesters remained in the streets behind makeshift barricades as night fell Wednesday.



Photo: “Hong Kong 2019” by Kevin Krejci is licensed under CC BY 2.0