Scientists Discover How to Convert All Blood Types to Universal Donor

Scientists have found a way to convert all blood types to the universal donor type O by using enzymes found in shit. The scientists made the discovery last August, but just published the results.

Researchers from the University of British Columbia figured out how to convert blood types A, B and AB into the universal Type O, which all patients can receive in a transfusion regardless of their own blood type.

Scientists knew that by removing the sugars from A, B and AB blood cells, it turns them into Type O, but the ways of doing this weren’t safe, efficient and economical. This all changed when scientists considered the human digestive system.

Blood types are differentiated by the kinds of sugar found on the surface of red blood cells. Type O has no sugars. The digestive tract has the same sugars found on blood cells and there are enzymes found in feces that strip those sugars. Scientists were able to isolate that enzyme and use it to strip the sugars off of blood.



Photo: “Red Blood cells” by SciTechTrend is in the Public Domain