General Strike Against Far-Right Brazilian Government: Cops Open Fire With Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets

On Friday June 14, 2019, a mass general strike took place in Brazil against the far-right, corrupt and illegitimate government of President Jair Bolsonaro and the administration’s attacks on public services and education along with cutbacks to pensions.

A vast cross-section of society joined together to strike.

Protests were reported across every state, in over 300 cities. Brazil’s largest workers organization, Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT), reported an estimate of 45 million workers participated or were impacted by protests and stoppages in the workplace.

All transportation and public services were​ shut down with all major unions in Brazil participating in the general strike. In states across the country demonstrators blocked roads, office buildings and highway tolls.

Strikes took place at ports, refineries, the steel industry, banks, shops, post offices and universities, according to organizers.

Riot police in Brazil attacked demonstrators with volleys of tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bangs.

Protesters built impromptu barricades of burning tires, blocking roads and offering cover from barrages of tear gas and rubber bullets.

The strike was organised by dozens of unions and left-wing parties.



Photos from the top: “Greve Geral de 14 de Junho – Ato em SP“Greve Geral de 14 de Junho – Ato em SP” and “Greve Geral de 14 de Junho – Ato em SP” by CSP-Conlutas are in the Public Domain