24 People Have Died in ICE Custody During the Trump Administration

At least twenty-four people have died in ICE custody during the Trump administration, according to federal data.

The twenty-four who died in ICE custody does not include migrants and refugees, including five children, who have died while in custody of other government agencies.

At least four people died shortly after being released from ICE imprisonment. The number of deaths remains below the peak of 32 deaths in 2004.

The Trump administration and the Obama administration before it routinely placed immigrants suffering from mental illness and medical issues in solitary confinement. A DHS policy adviser, Ellen Gallagher, described it as the “widespread abuse of human beings.”

The recent deaths come as the number of immigrants in federal custody hits a record high.

According to internal documents, people who work for DHS and ICE have raised concerns about neglect that has put the people they are imprisoning at risk of death.



Photo: “Untitled” by Adam is licensed under CC BY 2.0