Congo Is the New Target for the Founder of US Mercenary Army

Erik Prince, the founder of the private mercenary contractor Blackwater, is expanding his empire. Prince has registered a company in the Democratic Republic of Congo to mine minerals among other activities.

The new company is a subsidiary of the security company Frontier Services Group (FSG), headquartered in Hong Kong, according to filings cited by Reuters. The FSG Congo was registered in August 2018 and formally established in November 2018. The filing shows the company is authorized to extract minerals, timber and conduct financial operations.

The company’s interests in Africa has raised concerns, given Prince’s recent history of advocating for the use of a private army to topple Venezuela’s government and his proposal for the replacement of US troops in Afghanistan with mercenaries along with the creation of a “viceroy.”



Photo: RS3J8389” by Miller Center is licensed under CC BY 2.0