Pro-Refugee Politician Assassinated by Far-Right Extremist

German officials announced Monday, June 17, that the Federal Prosecutors Office would take over the investigation into the June 2 assassination of Walter Lübcke, a local pro-refugee politician who investigators believe was assassinated by a right-wing extremist.

On Saturday, a suspect was arrested on suspicion of having murdered Lübcke. German media reported that the suspect has a long history of right-wing extremism, and violent xenophobic crimes.

Lübcke served as the regional council chief in the western city of Kassel. He was found shot in the head right outside of his home.

In the past, Lübcke had been a target of far-right extremists over his comments in support of immigrants and refugees. He had received many death threats; his death was celebrated by neo-Nazis.



Photo from: Feuerwehr-Elbenberg