Mainstream Media Wants War with Iran

Mainstream media is united and upset that for now, the US war with Iran will continue to be waged without bombs. 

War hawks have been trying to arrange the US-Iran War for decades. Toppling the Iranian government was meant to be one of the final pieces of a plan that General Wesley Clark talked about years ago a list of countries the US planned to invade. 

Donald Trump ordered a recent airstrike on Iran, but reportedly called it off. After Trump announced the reversal of his decision, mainstream media came out to attack Trump for the decision to not attack Iran. 

NBC accused Trump of “indecision” and declared it would “embolden Iran.”

The Atlantic, said it was damaging to “America’s credibility.”

USA Today accused Trump of “not following through.”

CNN accused Trump of not being able to “make up his mind,” and suggested that he’s “blown America’s credibility” by not attacking Iran.

The Wall Street Journal accused him of not being able to follow through on his campaign of “maximum pressure.”

Even Fox & Friends called Donald Trump weak.



Image adapted from: “Mass media is shit” Brussels 2014 by Ithmus is licensed under CC BY 2.0