As Trump Terrorizes Immigrant Communities, People Come Together to Protect Them

The US government terrorizes immigrant communities: Donald Trump threatens mass deportations, ICE agents execute mass coordinated raids, children are separated from families, and thousands of people are held in concentration camps across the US.

In response to the terror from the government, people are coming together to protect immigrant communities.

Protests have been organized in every major US city. Recently, hundreds of religious leaders marched in Milwaukee and thousands took to the streets of LA.

Japanese internment camp survivors recently protested outside of an army base and former internment camp at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where children will likely be imprisoned.

People have taken direct action to stop ICE from taking people away, monitoring and blocking their operations.

Workers at major corporations have walked off the job to protest corporate cooperation with ICE and US concentration camps. Most recently, workers at Wayfair, a home goods company that supplies beds to ICE concentration camps, staged a walkout after the Wayfair CEO refused to stop doing business with ICE. 

Fighting back against an administration that is targeting immigrants requires a multipronged approach. Demonstrations and boycotts have helped but community readiness and protection networks are increasingly important. 

There have been crowdfunding efforts to raise money to assist refugees obtain counsel and people opening their homes to host refugees.

Groups have put together strategies and resources for undocumented immigrants, such as best practices for interacting with ICE and How to Prepare Yourself for an Immigration Raid.

With the government terrorizing immigrants in the US, communities have been forced to look for more creative solutions to protect them. Previous strategies like coordinated prank phone calls to ICE hotlines have been effective at throwing a wrench in ICE operations. The prank calls flooded into the ICE hotline and overloaded their call center with bogus leads about aliens and flying saucers.



Photo: “Los Angeles March for Immigrant Rights” by Molly Adams is licensed under CC BY 2.0