People in the US Demand Climate Action, Just Not on Their Backs, Poll Finds

According to a new poll from Reuters and Ipsos, almost 70 percent of Americans want climate change to be addressed with aggressive action.

But the poll found that people in the US don’t want the decades of corporate greed and malfeasance to be a burden put on the backs of the poor and working class. They don’t want regressive “green” taxes that put the onus on the poor instead of corporate oligarchs. The French government tried that plan and the people rose up as the yellow vest movement. Americans, like the French, are willing to make personal sacrifices to improve the planet, but they do not want to pay for the greed of others.  

The poll did not mention people’s opinions on the importance of seizing power and control of the means of production and automation.

The results of the recent poll underscore a crucial challenge for the authoritarian overlords to make a convincing argument that the working poor and not the rich must shoulder the bill to save the planet.

The majority of the people polled want the US to move to 100% clean energy in the next ten years and they want that industry to “create new jobs and growth” and they don’t want clean energy to “hurt jobs and the economy.”

People don’t support climate action plans that place the burden on them rather than corporate oligarchs who are causing the most damage to the environment—and have the money and the means of production and automation.



Photo: “26 Signs and Banners” by Felton Davis is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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  1. “I do not want to unite with those who flatter the proletariat, excusing them, praising them, adoring them with wreathes. No, oh distinguished windbags, your verve disguises nothing.
    The ‘people’ is always there, idiotic, cowardly, resigned. And I, who consider myself superior, desire to be so, and both the bourgeoisie and the proletariat shall pay superiority” ~Bruno Filippi, The rebel’s dark laughter

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