Telepathy Is Going to Be the Next Big Thing

Telepathy is one step closer to reality thanks to a team of researchers from the University of Washington. The team created a method that allows three people to work together to solve a problem using only their minds. 

The team says it is the first demonstration of a person being able to both receive and send information to others using only their brain, and a brain-to-brain network of more than two people. The team published its results in April. 

Participants in groups of three, worked together to play 16 rounds of a game similar to Tetris. Different participants were able to see the line the shapes needed to fit into and others were able to control the position of the piece. For each group, all three participants were in different rooms and the data was transmitted between brains over the internet. 

Using EEGs and a small coil that stimulates the part of the brain that translates signals from the eyes, the groups worked together, communicating how to manipulate the game pieces.

Two of the participants wore EEGs and suggested how to move the game pieces. These suggested moves were picked up by the EEGs and fed to the third participant with transcranial stimulation. The part of the brain that translates signals from the eyes was stimulated, producing a sensation in the third participant of bright arcs or objects that suddenly appeared in front of their eyes.

On average, the groups were successful at completing the telepathically played game 81% of the time.



Image adapted from: “maynt 044” by andradiowires is licensed under CC BY 2.0