June Was the Hottest Ever Recorded, EU Satellite Agency Announces

Last month, data provided by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) showed that the global average temperature for June was the highest on record.

The global average temperature in June was about 0.1C higher than the previous hottest June in 2016.

Data from C3S showed the average ​temperatures in Europe were more than 2C above normal and 6-10C above normal in France, Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic and northern Spain in the final days of June.

C3S said it is difficult to link the heatwave to climate change, but weather events like this are expected to become more common due to climate change.

According to NASA, “Worldwide since 1880, the average surface temperature has gone up by about 1 °C (about 2 °F), relative to the mid-20th-century baseline (of 1951-1980). This is on top of about an additional 0.15 °C of warming from between 1750 and 1880.”


Average temperatures of more than 1C above normal have occurred before in Europe, such as in 1917 and 1999.


Image: “The heat is on” by European Space Agency is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0