Trump Administration Considers Outlawing Messaging Encryption

Encrypted messaging services are a major issue for the US government if they want to continue mass surveillance. 

Politico reported, “senior Trump administration officials met on Wednesday [June 26] to discuss whether to seek legislation prohibiting tech companies from using forms of encryption that law enforcement can’t break.”

Messaging apps like Signal, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage offer end-to-end encryption, preventing massive amounts of information from being picked up by government mass surveillance systems. 

Politico cited several anonymous sources in reporting that “the encryption challenge, which the government calls ‘going dark,’ was the focus of a National Security Council meeting Wednesday morning that included the No. 2 officials from several key agencies.”

Senior Trump administration officials have reportedly not yet decided on how to deal with their encryption problem, they are considering if they should request legislation.



Image: “System Lock” by Yuri Samoilov is licensed under CC BY 2.0