More Than 70 Arrested in Hong Kong in Government Crackdown Against Protests

Police in Hong Kong have arrested at least 70 people as the government begins a crackdown on protesters. Some of those charged are only 14 years old.

Charges against protesters included unlawful assembly, possession of weapons, assaulting police, criminal damage, forcible entry and disorderly conduct in a public place.

The Chinese government has urged Hong Kong government officials to prosecute people involved in recent protests.

Police have been criticized for their use of violence against protesters, using rubber bullets, bean bag rounds and tear gas.

Demonstrations began in protest over a new extradition law that opponents say the Chinese government will used to stifle dissent.

Earlier this week, protesters stormed and took over parliament in Hong Kong. Millions have taken to the streets in Hong Kong in a number of protests.


Photo: “IMG_20190701_194743-edit” by Studio Incendo is licensed under CC BY 2.0