Grocery Store Workers in Southern California Prepared to Strike

If a strike happens, it would be the first grocery walkout in southern California in more than a decade. Members of seven United Food and Commercial Workers locals voted almost unanimously in support of a potential strike. As many as 60,000 workers could go on strike at grocery stores, including Albertsons, Pavilions, Ralphs and Vons across Southern California. 

Ahead of a potential strike, leaders of labor unions representing roughly 800,000 workers in Los Angeles County recommended that the Los Angeles Federation of Labor officially sanction the potential strike.

The next round of talks is scheduled to begin July 10. Ralphs and Albertsons are operating together against workers in negotiations.

The union says the companies are lowballing workers and slashing pay by downgrading job classifications for some. The companies also want to significantly decrease what they pay into support for workers’ health care.

The Federation of Labor sanction will mean that 800,000 workers and their families and 300 local unions in L.A. County will stand with the striking workers, honoring picket lines and boycotts.

The last time Southern California grocery workers went on strike was back 2003. That strike for better pay and working conditions lasted over four months. It was the longest grocery worker strike in American history.



Photo adapted from: “Shopping Carts” by Travis Wise is licensed under CC BY 2.0