Cop Getting $2,500 a Month Because He Got PTSD from Killing Unarmed Man Begging for His Life

A Mesa, Arizona cop killed an unarmed man who was crawling on his knees and begging for his life. The cop is now getting money every month for it. 

Video was captured of Phillip Brailsford killing Daniel Shaver. The video drew widespread outrage. Shaver was unarmed and begging for his life when Brailsford shot and killed him. However, Phillip Brailsford was acquitted of murder for the 2016 shooting. 

The gun Brailsford used to kill Shaver had two words written on the dust cover: “You’re fucked.”

After killing Shaver, Brailsford was rehired by the city so he could obtain a special pension and file for medical retirement. He will now be paid more than $2,500 a month for the rest of his life.

Brailsford’s lawyers told ABC15 the disability claim and retirement he receives is for the PTSD he has from killing Daniel Shaver and the resulting legal proceedings.

Brailsford shot Shaver in a hotel hallway in 2016. When police arrived they ordered Shaver, who was unarmed, into the hallway on his knees and made him crawl while keeping his hands up, all the while the cops were screaming contradictory orders as they aimed their guns at him. 

Shaver attempted to comply, but for a moment he gestured behind himself and Brailsford immediately opened fire and shot and killed the innocent unarmed man.

The shooting was captured on body camera footage, but wasn’t released until after Brailsford got off for the killing.



Photo: Philip Mitchell Brailsford (Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)