Direct Action Shuts Down ICE Headquarters

The groups Never Again Action and Movimiento Cosecha organized demonstrations that effectively shutdown ICE headquarters, the federal agency responsible for the deportation of undocumented immigrants was forced to go into lockdown.

Ken Klippenstein obtained leaked emails from acting ICE Director Matthew T. Albence. A message to ICE employees explained, “an unanticipated protest took place outside of ICE Headquarters, Potomac Center North (PCN), disrupting normal operations and impacting building access,” and “PCN was placed in a lock down condition.” 

Never Again Action put out a press release detailing the success of their action with Movimiento Cosecha. In a joint statement the two groups wrote:

“We said we were going to shut down ICE yesterday, and that is exactly what we did. We kept this agency — an agency that is cruel in its design — from going about their business of terrorizing immigrant communities. 

When we prevent ICE from conducting business as usual, a parent won’t be taken from their home that day. It means that a workplace, construction site, or field won’t be raided. It means that someone won’t be picked up from a courthouse today. It means that someone won’t be taken to an airport or bus station to be deported.”  



Photo: “Protesting ICE…” by Charles Edward Miller is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0