Amazon Workers Stage Internal Protests Against Doing Work for ICE

Workers at Amazon are renewing their demand that the company stop working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

Last week, a group of workers at Amazon recirculated an internal email calling on Amazon to stop working with Palantir, the secretive private data mining, surveillance and military technology company, that works with ICE.

The email demands that Palantir be removed from Amazon’s cloud services for violating its terms of service. It also called on the company to take a stand against ICE and take a position against the immigration raids, deportations, and concentration camps.

Palantir, was founded by Trump supporter, Peter Thiel. Palantir software has become the backbone of ICE’s efforts to track and separate families. 

Palantir’s software is used by ICE agents to assist in investigations, raids, and deportations. Palantir’s software uses data from other government agencies, which is then used by ICE agents. A mobile phone app called FALCON Mobile, was built by Palantir and has been used in ICE workplace raids. 



Image: “Fuck You” by Daniella Urdinlaiz from Thought Catalog is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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  1. To write about these terrible tragedies and abuses is one thing. To do something about them quite another. Good for the Amazon workers – at least they are trying. But the world is so full of hateful people and their filthy greedy practices one really wonders whether society will ever change.

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